Massage and Manual Therapies - Change the way your body feels


Have you been to the Chiropractor, but feel you need him again the next day?

Have you gone to Physical Therapy and not gotten all the
relief you need?

Does it seem like the only answer your Doctor gives is more medication?


Notice of price and time requirement change.
To allow for a complete and thorough assessment,
followed with appropriate time allotment for 'homework',
all New Clients for Advanced Bodywork sessions will be required to do
a 90 minute session costing $140.00. 

Massage is viewed by most as what is seen on television.  Going to a spa and having oils and lotions gently worked into your skin while you relax into a mental escape.  Then there are others of you that view massage as therapeutic, when you go to a place to get a massage you ask for deep tissue.  By doing so you are hoping that they can essentially force relaxation into a muscle that you feel is 'tight as a drum'.  By specializing in only Massage and Bodywork, and having a staff with 25 plus years of experience, we can do these types of massage exceptionally well.  

But did you know there is more? 

There is always a cause to pain.  We were taught in school how to try and get pain out by getting rid of the tension where you feel it. Does it work? Sure it does, but most of the time only for about a week and then it starts to trickle back in.  What would you say to a MORE PERMANENT SOLUTION?!? 

We have taken our education to a much higher level than most.  We have strategically planned out our education as to make the greatest impact on your body.   We use a variety of modalities to accomplish both the goal of making you feel better and to get the releases we need to make it last. W
e custom tailor each session in order to benefit the individual client on the day of their session.  Some of the types of treatment include:

Swedish Massage

Kinesio Taping  

Structural Integration     (Rolfing)

Deep Tissue

Myofascial Release

Sports Massage     

Neuromuscular    Therapy

We have been changing bodies and making people feel better since 2003.  So make an appointment and see the difference we can make for you!


As always we appreciate our clients helping us spread the word about the MASSAGE and BODYWORK that we do here.  
To thank you for telling your friends, ask us about a REFFERAL DISCOUNT!


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