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The Hands On Healing therapists understand the body on many different levels.  We understand that one type of therapy is not going to be correct for everyone. When we approach a client we, evaluate the whole body, addressing specific problem areas and clarifying the results you would like to achieve.  Having gathered this information, we then use the appropriate approach in order to make a difference for you.


Deep Tissue ~ Deep tissue massage releases the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areasa.  It is called deep tissue as it focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.

Neuromuscular ~ Also referred to as trigger point therapy, this form of massage is the application of concentrated finger pressure to "trigger points" (painful irritated areas in muscles) to break cycles of spasm and pain.  Trigger points have a lot to do with the daily discomfort that we deal with.  They are the little balls of pain that we feel between our shoulder blades or the places that hurt when someone rubs our shoulders.

Prenatal ~ Also known as pregnancy massage, this is performed with the client lying on her side supported by pillows, bolsters, or wedges, if necessary.  Prenatal focuses on those areas that most pregnant women find bothersome.

Sports ~ This massage therapy focuses on muscle systems relevant to a particular sport.  This is usually a faster-paced and more vigorous massage which helps wake up and break down certain problem areas.

Swedish ~ The most common form of massage, this uses long strokes, kneading, and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of the muscles, combined with active and passive movements of the joints.


Posture Analysis ~ A way of looking at the body that allows for us as therapists to see where the aches and pains that you feel are originating from. 

Myofascial Release ~ Fascia is another term for the connective tissue of the body that forms a three-dimensional system of support, cushion, and movement.  Myofascial release is a manual therapy technique that is used to elongate foreshortened connective tissue and muscle, restoring balance to the body and in turn eliminating pain.

Structural Integration (Rolfing)~Is a deep-tissue method of lengthening and repatterning the connective tissue (fascia) of the body through a series of 10 sessions developed to restore posture and function, thus minimizing every day tension and relieving chronic pain.


Active Isolated Stretching ~ A method of stretching that provides effective dynamic facilitated stretch of major muscle groups. AIS provide functional and physiological restoration of tendons, vertebrae, ligaments, and joints.

EgoscueA structured form of exercise and stretching that will help to keep the results that we have obtained with the therapy.   



Do I need an appointment?

In order to select a time that works best for you, we suggest that all clients set an appointment.  However, on occasion we do have time for walk-ins.  Please call for availability.

After looking at the different types of massage, which one will work best for me?

We do what is best for our clients.  Each session is based on what your body needs that day.  When we approach a client, we evaluate the whole body, addressing specific problem areas and clarifying the results you would like to achieve.  Having gathered this information we then use the appropriate approach in order to make a difference for you.  This may include more than one form of massage.

Is massage safe?

Yes!  Hands On Healing only employs certified massage therapists who are specifically trained to provide beneficial, therapeutic treatments. Prior to your first appointment, we also have you fill out a simple Confidential Health History form in order to gain a clear understanding of your special needs.

Is massage therapy covered by my medical insurance?

For the most part, massage is not covered under medical insurance.  Under certain circumstances you can be reimbursed if you have a prescription for massage from a doctor.  Call us for details.  You can also use Hands On Healing if you have a flex spending account with your insurance.

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