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October 2011                 The Importance of Pelvis Positioning

November 2011             Do You Feel Stress in Your Shoulders?

December 2011             Our View on Stretching

January 2012                 Kinesio Taping

February 2012               Postural Analysis

March 2012                    Your Miraculous Feet

April 2012                       "Shin Splints" & Compartment Syndrome Part 1

May 2012                        "Shin Splints" & Compartment Syndrome Part 2

June 2012                       The Knee  Part 1

July 2012                        The Knee  Part 2

August 2012                   Hip & Pelvis Pain

September 2012            Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome

October 2012                 Lower Back Pain - Disc Herniation

November 2012             Lower Back Pain - Psoas Part 1

December 2012             Lower Back Pain - Psoas Part 2

January 2013                 Anatomy Trains - Deep Front Line

February 2013               Fascia - Part 1

March 2013                    Fascia - Part 2

April 2013                       Diaphragm and Breathing - Part 1

May 2013                        Diaphragm and Breathing - Part 2

June 2013                       "Sternal Lift" Breathing and the Shoulders

July 2013                        Shoulder Joints and Function Part 1

August 2013                    Shoulder Joints and Function Part 2 

September 2013             Shoulder Joints and The Arm Lines

October 2013                  Head and Neck Imbalance - Chest and Anterior Tightness

November 2013              Neck Tension and the Brachial Plexus

December 2013              Body Balance & The Jaw (TMJD)

January 2014                  Its a New Year!

February 2014                Spinal Curves

March 2014                     Spinal Curves Part 2

April 2014                       Tendinitis and Bursitis

May 2014                        Misconceptions of Exercise and Proper Form

June 2014                       Prime Movers and Stabilizers, Strength vs. Motor Control

July 2014                        Previous Injuries and Overuse Condition

August 2014                    Introduction to the Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

September 2014             Joint-by-Joint Approach

October 2014                  Benefits of Yoga

November 2014              The Pain-Tension Cycle

December 2014               Injury, Progression, and Recovery

February 2015                 Proprioception and Movement Habits

March 2015                        Importance of Hydration

April 2015                         The Cross Pattern of Pain Development

May 2015                           Progression through Multiple Sessions

June 2015                           Taking a Multidisciplinary Approach

July 2015                            Postural Bodyworks Institute

September 2015             Getting to Some Core Issues

November 2015               "I Must Have Just Slept Wrong" Part 1

December 2015                "I Must Have Just Slept Wrong" Part 2

First Quarter 2016            A Different View On What Healthcare Means 


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