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After years of searching for the perfect team, we have finally found a group of therapists who make Hands On Healing the best therapeutic massage center in Montgomery.   These highly qualified individuals can handle almost any situation you can bring them.  They are:

Anthony Allegro ~ Having graduated from massage school in January of 2000, he first started out like most therapists in just trying to make people feel better.  Upon requests from clients to help get them out of pain and into a better place, he started his journey into the world of Pain Management.  He became certified in Orthopedic Massage followed with, and continuing his education in, Myofascial Release.  He was the FIRST therapist, massage or any other,  to begin a full-time Myofascial Release treatment practice in Montgomery.  

Jacob Laputka ~ After a couple years of pondering, he decided to attend the Utah School Of Massage Therapy in 2006, at that time the best massage school in the country.  He graduated in 2006 as the valedictorian and earned the respect of his teachers.   Immediately after graduation he enrolled in their master's program and excelled in Postural Analysis and Structural Bodywork, another form of Myofascial Release.  After graduating from the master's course, his drive led him to the 10- session series of treatments also known as Rolfing or Structural Integration.

Sandi Walker ~ Graduating from massage therapy school in 2014, she sought out Hands On Healing specifically for our types of therapy and the level of work we are known for in Montgomery.  Sandi completed our in house education program, finishing it in 2015.  Wanting to continue to learn, she took a 10 series course in Portland, OR titled Fascial Release for Structural Balance.   This course taught her the fundamentals of Structural Integration.  Sandi's comprehension of the material, has made her our go to therapist for Entry Level Bodywork. 

Carla Wall  ~ After spending eight years as a physical therapy tech, she realized that it had to be another way to help people recover from injuries, surgeries and etc. Carla graduated from H. Council Trenholm Technical College in 2015 with a cumulative GPA of 4.0 and certificate of Swedish, Deep Tissue, as well as Neuromuscular Massage.  Carla hankered for a facility that was goal-oriented and sought to not only improve, but restore overall active health through advanced bodywork.  She seeks to expand upon her knowledge of bodywork and assessment through our in-house education program.

Kermit Eason  ~  a part time therapist. He is following in the path of Hands On Healing and while offering relaxation type therapies, he is studying Myofascial Release to take his work further into that area.

Each therapist at Hands On Healing are licensed in the state of Alabama.  Additionally, all therapists are certified to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the event of an emergency.

If you have questions or would like to speak to any member of this great team, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call them at any time.

We would love to make a difference in your life!  

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